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                Model Name Parameter
                All Copper
                Aluminum brass
                Fax Number

                G.Y.M has established its own parts processing workshop, with well-established quality managerial experience, especially the imported expensive machine tool, the accuracy of crucial parts of the machine has been improved markedly which guarantee the quality of the machine effectively, and G.Y.M will provide better products to its client and follow its principle “pursue better quality; better service” permenently.

                WFT-13 Horizontal boring and milling machine center imported from Czech WFT-13 Horizontal boring and milling machine center imported from Czech
                WFT-13 Horizontal boring and milling machine center imported from Czech BL3018S Horizontal machine center
                FV-1000A Vertical machine centre MV-50 Vertical machine centre
                Gantry type milling planner numerical control cutting machine
                Company Name:Grand Ease Yong Xiong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
                Address:No.1 Dasheng Road, Nanqu Industrial District, Rongggui, Shunde Area, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
                Main Product:Wire drawing machine, Enameling machine, wire & cable equipment
                Telephone:+86-0757-28380138  Fax:+86-0757-28380128-986  Email:sales@yongxiong.com
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