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                About us
                Model Name Parameter
                All Copper
                Aluminum brass
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                    Grand Ease Yong Xiong Machinery Co.,ltd, one of the subsidiary companies of Grand Ease Group, which was established in 1995, and located in Ronggui( known as town for various Chinese famous brand). Yong Xiong focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling for Yongxiong Brand wire drawing machine. After more than 10 years of development, it has grown up into one professional manufacturer for complete high speed wire drawing machine series. It covers an area of almost 30000 square meters, and yield value reaches around 200 million RMB per year, including wire drawing machine, Enameling machine, Tinning machine, Tandem production line, Optical fiber cable, Communication cable etc which have been sold to Chinese local market and overseas (such as Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Mid-East etc). To expand the market and offer best service for the clients, Yongxiong has built office in Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin etc and has its exclusive sales agents overseas, which guarantees the prompt response to the requirement of client within 24 hours.

                    To strengthen the managerial quality, Yongxiong has introduced managerial software such as ERP, OA, CRM system etc and HR managerial system. Meanwhile, it has established long-term partnership with South China University of Technology and Managerial College of Zhongshan University. It advocates the managerial theory of talent first, and with benevolence as the core of Company culture, and ¡°pursue better quality; better service¡± as the quality principle, it has formed the company value of¡± company¡¯s success based on the success of its workers and its clients ¡°. Besides, with its trained talent team, yongxiong has been awarded 13 patent s of utility model certificates issued by Patent Office of the People's Republic of China, and 3 patent of invention.

                    Yongxiong has got certificate of ISO 9001 in 1998 and has been awarded as Guangdong famous brand, Certificate of Guangdong New High-tech enterprise, certificate of qualified product recommended by China electrical equipment industrial association , the trusted product by China Electrical equipment industrial association , China top 20 enterprises for supplying professional equipment and instrument for wire and cable industry, the qualified supplier for China wire and cable manufacturer, besides, Yongxiong has been invited repeatedly to attend the council of Wind wire branch of China electrical equipment industrial association, and has been appointed to assist the study of the project for the influence of the development of technology of wire drawing machine to the Enameling wire. Meanwhile, yongxiong is one of the appointed enterprises to regulate the China standard and has been the key qualified enterprise to be given special support of Shunde Qualified companies¡¯ development project (dragon flying plan)

                    Yongioxng has been pursuing its target to be the leading professional electric equipment manufacturer and provide the excellent product and service for the client based on the advanced Research and Development. To realize this target, yongxiong has set its five-year development strategy: to develop the unique product and produce it by lot, we believe that yongxiong will move forward together its clients to win the market and the future.

                Company Name£ºGrand Ease Yong Xiong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
                Address£ºNo.1 Dasheng Road, Nanqu Industrial District, Rongggui, Shunde Area, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
                Main Product£ºWire drawing machine, Enameling machine, wire & cable equipment
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