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                News£ºJin pig welcomes the new spring,¡­  |   Annual Meeting Special -2019 Gra¡­  |   Santa Claus warms up in winter  |   The external audit work of the q¡­  |  
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                   Jin pig welcomes the new spring, starts the work of Xiyingmen - the opening ceremony of GrandEase Gr 2019.02.15
                   Annual Meeting Special -2019 Grandease Group New Year Party 2019.01.22
                   Santa Claus warms up in winter 2018.12.29
                   The external audit work of the quality management system in 2018 was successfully completed 2018.12.29
                   Caring for employees and paying attention to health--The company organizes employee health checkups 2018.12.29
                   2018 India Mumbai International Cable & Wire Exhibition Successfully Completed 2018.12.29
                   WIRE-CABLE INDIA 2018 hits the first day of the show 2018.12.29
                   WIRE&CABLE INDIA2018 2018.12.29
                   ¡°Green Development Intelligent Manufacturing¡± 2018 Winding Wire Industry Technology Forum was succes 2018.12.29
                   A thank you letter from a Rwandan customer 2018.12.29
                   "2018 Winding Wire Industry Technology Forum" was successfully held 2018.12.29
                   Go all out and undertake the "2018 Winding Wire Industry Technology Forum" 2018.12.29
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                Company Name£ºGrand Ease Yong Xiong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
                Address£ºNo.1 Dasheng Road, Nanqu Industrial District, Rongggui, Shunde Area, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
                Main Product£ºWire drawing machine, Enameling machine, wire & cable equipment
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