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                News£ºJin pig welcomes the new spring,¡­  |   Annual Meeting Special -2019 Gra¡­  |   Santa Claus warms up in winter  |   The external audit work of the q¡­  |  
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                Model Name Parameter
                All Copper
                Aluminum brass
                Fax Number
                2015 International Wire, Cable, Tube and Pipe Trade Fairs for Southeast Asia, Wire and Cable Show in
                This paper is divided 1 page
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                next:The exhibitor in Wire show 2015: Grand Ease Yongxiong Machinery CO., Ltd
                Company Name£ºGrand Ease Yong Xiong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
                Address£ºNo.1 Dasheng Road, Nanqu Industrial District, Rongggui, Shunde Area, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
                Main Product£ºWire drawing machine, Enameling machine, wire & cable equipment
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